6 Tricks to Combat the Winter Blues at Home

6 Tricks to Combat the Winter Blues at Home

Pretty soon, the sun will set earlier, there will be less natural light, and as a result many people will experience a temporary change in their mood. This is normal: fall can signal the start of seasonal depression!


You can either wait for it to pass … or take charge! There are in fact several ways of combatting feelings of sadness, weariness, and fatigue for which there are no identifiable reasons—all in the comfort of your own home!

Place a Light Therapy Lamp in Your Home Office

Since they mimic the effects of the sun’s rays, phototherapy boxes are an excellent tool for overcoming the symptoms caused by lower light levels.

Fewer than 30 minutes of light exposure per day is usually sufficient, depending on the chosen model’s intensity (they vary in power). Users will often notice an improvement within a month of treatment, such as feeling more energetic and cheerful.

Take Your Breaks by a Window

While the sun may not be shining as brightly outside, the light that does reach us is still beneficial. It helps our body make vitamin D, essential for maintaining energy levels.

It may not be sufficient, however, and taking a vitamin D supplement can be a lifesaver.

Create a Yoga Corner

A gentle yet effective form of exercise, yoga could really help you fight seasonal depression. Being active will encourage your brain to produce serotonin, which is nothing less than the happiness hormone!

But foremost, yoga is a practice that allows us to reconnect with ourselves and to destress. A very beneficial thing to do when we feel depressed.

Set Up a Home Gym

Sports, in general, contribute to serotonin and dopamine production. So, if yoga isn’t quite your thing, try something else: go for a run outside, dance in your living room or lift some weights.

In fact, many homeowners decide to set up their own gym at home to make staying active easier. You don’t need a lot of equipment: a few weights, a mat, and a laptop to follow training videos are sufficient.

Change Your Decor

Refreshing the look of one or two rooms in your house can really improve your mindset! What do you need to feel better? A reading nook? An up-to-date bathroom? A practical entryway? A revamped family room? 

Managing a renovation project over a few days, or even weeks, could help you get through this challenging period. Remember to focus on lively colours and soft textures. 

Improve Your Sleep

One of the rooms you might consider renovating is your bedroom. Better sleep could indeed lift your winter blues. Do you need 6, 8 or 10 hours to wake up refreshed? Give yourself the gift of enough sleep by putting aside a few activities.

This room must, of course, inspire relaxation, be inviting and not contain any stress-generating devices. No screens are allowed, whether it be a television, computer, or phone. Add plush accessories, such as a throw, a rug, and oversized pillows. Purchase sheets made with silky fibres, like bamboo. Install very opaque curtains to block out the dawn and sleep longer. Avoid stimulating colours like fiery red or yellow, opting instead for soothing and comforting hues.

And if your mattress is an obstacle to a restful night, replace it!


While there may be no magical solution or miracle pill, it is possible to overcome seasonal depression or lessen its negative effects on you. Try our tricks early in the fall and keep them up through the following spring. Good luck!  

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